When and where to go?

Vulturine Guinea Fowl

Each season has its advantages, and it is to your budget status. If you have fixed dates to travel, there are chances for you to be able to have your trip be remembered, no matter where you will be visiting. It is important to understand the seasonal trends and how they will affect your trip; but remember that weather is variable and so it is quite possible to go for days without rain during the peak of the rainy season, or have thundershowers in the middle of the dry season. The drier seasons are generally considered preferable for game viewing. Dry weather offers more reliable road conditions and al properties enjoy their highest occupancy, and game reserves and parks endure more traffic, during these dry seasons. Bird watching safaris are well through out the year, but in August – December is nicer with short rains which don’t stay for a day. When considering smaller, more intimate, safari camps and lodges, it is necessary to book well in advance, particularly for travel from June through October.

Where can I stay during my safari?

At each park or national reserve, there is a huge range of accommodation options, spanning campsites, tented camps, hotels and luxury lodges, and accommodation can be found both inside and outside the parks. Travel guides such as Lonely Planet and The Rough Guide have extensive listings of places to stay in and around each park, and we would be happy to recommend or book lodging for you. Each National Park and Reserve is different. Your choice of park should depend on the season, as well your budget in terms of time and money. Wildlife differs between parks and regions as well. See Which Park? For more information about some of the most popular destinations we kindly invite any question from you to help you plan for your coming trip.

How much does safari cost?

The total cost of a safari experience will differ greatly between every group, depending on your choice of vehicle, accommodation, parks, food etc. Spinetailsafari guides will do everything in our power to ensure you receive the best value for money, but ultimately it is up to you to determine how much you spend. This is one of the most important questions to consider when selecting a trip. While there are some travellers for whom cost considerations are not an issue, some of our clients want to work within a budget and have a specific price range in mind. This is an extremely important critria to help us select an appropriate safari for you. We are very flexible and our itinerary is due to change according to ones budget.

Safari camps, lodges and hotels are generally all-inclusive, which means the cost of the accommodations, meals, guides, game activities, and park entry fees are included.

As a general rule, individual cost is reduced for large groups, as expenses like vehicle hire can be split between many instead of a few. Invite your friends along and save some money!

Who are you going to call?

Spinetail safari guides are a critical component of the success of the overall safari experience. Our guides can make the difference.