Senegal Plover

Tana Primate Reserve is a small reserve, protecting two primate species that have no other habitat in Kenya: Red Colobus Monkey and the Crested Mangabey. These species occur in the rain forests of western Uganda and in Zaire and are indicative of the time, centuries ago, when these great forests covered the whole of Africa— from west to east. The Reserve is a mixture of savannah and riverine forest often exquisitely beautiful.

  • Area: 6 km²
  • Time to visit: Year round
  • Entry: Cash only

Adjacent to the Primate Reserve is the Tana River Delta, a unique ecosystem and one of the most important wetland systems of Kenya with local communities depending on it, but under threat now by sugar cane investors. It is an excellent spot for bird watching with its vast number of breeding birds as long as the Lion, Hippopotamus and the abundant Crocodiles can be avoided.